How to Say “Good Night” in Nagamese language

Today we will come up with a very important topic. We discuss about Nagamese language. Also, know the meaning of good night in the nagamese language. Then we know a brief overview about nagamese language That what is the nagamese language. How it will come. So let’s begin our journey and learn about the Nagamese language.

Good night in Nagamese language?

Good Night in Nagamese LanguageBhaal Pora Humaabee

In Nagamese Different forms of languages are present so we will know all the forms and know what is good night we will write in Nagamese language. In the Nagamese language, five types of good night are written that are Apeno iralung, Nga u tsü, Uru tsai, Shilho aghügha, and Nyi shiluha.

In the first, we write Apeno iralung which means Apeno means sleep and iralung means go. The second type is Nga u tsü which means Nga means I and u tsü means sleep. Third, we write Uru tsai means Uru means you, and tsai means sleep. Fourth we write Shilho aghügha which means Shilho means night and aghügha means go. Fifth we write Nyi shiluha which means Nyi means you and shiluha means sleep.

What is the Nagamese language?

Nagamese is a pure Assami language which is created with a mixture of different languages like Hindi English and some tribal present there named Naga and their language is Naga language with the mixture it will be present. English is the state’s official language Nagamese is a common language for communication across Nagaland.

Not everyone speaks it natively but after 1989 people are majorly no about this language and also they will talk with each other with the Nagamese language. So that is popular and mainly this time everyone knows about this language in Assam and Nagaland-like states.


Nagamese does not gate the approval of standard language. But in Assam, Nagaland and Meghalaya States use most of this type of language. We think that we will give you the best overview of this language. So thanks for reading.

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